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Wicked Games
by Zoe Mayen

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Used, betrayed and still I thought to shield him…

Turn up the heat

They laugh and joke as they approach the house, eight of them. Now that Josephine has Edward, celebrating her sister’s engagement this weekend should feel easier.

But the house has its secrets and strange dramas arise at every turn. Cryptic messages, threats. Who is playing games?

Turn on the lies

To Edward, everyone has something to hide. As for the special couple, Cameron is charismatic, but is he loyal? Appearance is everything to Jennifer, but at what cost? Despite the distance between the sisters, Josephine knows something is wrong. And she might have a part to play.

Don’t turn your back

It’s all fun and games…until blood is spilt. Is anyone safe from the traitor in their midst?

Because eight went into the house on Friday, but only six will leave on Sunday. No longer flushed with laughter. Clutching what is recoverable of their belongings.

But who is the killer and who has been killed?

Turn the page for the truth…


Early Praise for Wicked Games:

‘This psychological thriller is one creepy read. The plot grips the reader right from the start and the twists and turns left me on the edge of my seat!’ – STW, 5* reader review

‘Interesting characters, tense and exciting plot – I didn't want to stop reading! I loved that eureka moment when everything fell into place so cleverly – very satisfying!’ – LJT, 5* reader review

‘Really, really good. I love the writing style, the character development and found the book cleverly-written and thought-provoking. Such a good ending. Everything tied up nicely. I think it's perfect.’ – Mark, 5* reader review

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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