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Historical Fiction
Twins in Time
by Natalie Griffin

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A hidden murder. A forced engagement. And a doppelgänger. She can’t run—not anymore.

Ellie should’ve died in the accident, and she knows it. Yet she wakes downstream with a head wound.

Instead of her small hometown, she finds herself trapped in land run era Oklahoma—complete with bonnets, corsets, floor-length dresses, and covered wagons.

Realizing this isn’t some cruel joke, she’s scooped up by a man who’s convinced she’s his missing sister. Despite her plans to get back to her real time, Ellie takes the place of this missing doppelgänger to survive.

But her newfound family has other plans.

To settle a land dispute, there’s to be a wedding with the malicious neighbor.

And she’s the bride.

Ellie is determined to escape before they make her say “I do.” But when she meets Sam—the only man who truly believes she’s from the future—she questions if running is the only option.

A fast-paced time travel novel set in 1894, Twins in Time is brimming with rousing stakes, endearing romance, family tragedy, and stirring imagery of the Old West.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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