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Trial of Roses
by Joshua Landeros

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Sinhar was a boy when the people of Sebel rose up in revolt against their former overlords. Through much bloodshed and strife, their lands truly became their own after a century of occupation. However, in this new era of peace and long sought freedom, tribulation rears its ugly head. Sinhar is finally old enough to join the Mystic Order, an ancient fighting force that teaches magic and molds the future protectors of the homeland. Sinhar has dreamed of joining their ranks all his life. It’s time to turn this dream into reality. In order to do so, he’ll have to overcome his enemies and own personal demons. Sinhar will be brought to his utmost limits, but the legacy of his family pushes him on. Their words will always be with him: “Suffering molds the strong.”

The Law of Might novella trilogy serves as a prequel to the Pantheon series but also stands entirely on its own. Fans of adventure, fantasy, and horror will rejoice. Check out the series that has readers enthralled and coming back for more:

“For anyone looking to delve into a rich and beautifully crafted world, complete with fascinating characters and a deep storyline, Pantheon, by Joshua Landeros, is well worth a read.” (Customer Review)

“It’s a balancing act between following orders and following a moral compass, and it is compelling within the pages of this book.” (Customer Review)

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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