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Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact
by Eddie Rice

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Discover the secret to toasting with confidence and write the perfect speech with this complete, no-nonsense guide to toasting!

With a short, snappy, and straightforward speechwriting system, this practical handbook is your all-in-one guide for nailing the perfect toast, arming you with a comprehensive overview of the full speechwriting process. Built on a simple 7-day brainstorming system, you’ll uncover how you can brainstorm clever speech ideas, structure your speech with humor and storytelling, and overcome your fear of public speaking with a tried-and-tested plan.

Whether you need to give a wedding toast as a best man or maid of honor, a retirement speech, an award or promotion speech, or any other kind of toast, this handbook offers you a done-for-you blueprint to help you organize your thoughts and turn giving a toast into a painless, stress-free process. As a clear, concise, and no-fluff book that you can read in just a weekend or less, Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact is an invaluable tool for anybody scared of public speaking – or short on ideas.

Plus, inside you’ll also discover a collection of over 10 solid example speeches to spark your inspiration, as well as specific exercises and rehearsal techniques so that you can free yourself from fear and feel confident in your toasting skills.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • A Step-By-Step Approach For Brainstorming and Designing The Perfect Speech

  • Creative Ways To Nail Your Toast’s Structure To Incorporate Humor and Storytelling

  • Practical Exercises and Rehearsal Techniques To Confront Your Fear of Public Speaking and Help You Find Your Inner Confidence

  • The Complete 7 Days To a Toast System To Make Toast Writing a Stress-Free Experience

  • And over 10 Real-Life Examples of Speeches For Weddings, Promotions, Retirement, Awards, Birthdays, Commemorations and More!

Written from the perspective of a professional speechwriter, this handy guidebook will answer all of your most pressing questions, giving you peace of mind and taking the stress out of speechwriting. If you feel stumped for ideas, or if giving a toast feels daunting or anxiety-inducing, Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact is your complete companion book for toasting with success!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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