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Till Life Do Us Part
by Laura M. Drake

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Melody Albright is dead.

Or at least she thinks she is. She’s trapped with her sister in the In-Between, a realm connecting life and death, where dangerous creatures roam freely. Her options: try to Return to her life and all its forgotten memories, or face the unknown of Passing On.

Melody makes her decision quickly, but things aren't as simple as she believed. Souls in the In-Between hold secrets, even from themselves, and they’re all after the same thing: a way to regain their memories. As Melody works together with her sister, a dangerous thief stealing memory shards keeps getting in their way.

Even as Melody starts to question if she made the right choice, all she can do is continue forward. And as she learns more about herself and the dangers lurking in the shadows, Melody realizes there are things far worse than being dead.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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