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The Wealth Code
by Ray Brehm

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What if everything you were taught about money and prosperity was wrong? How would you know?

You may already have access to all the tools you need for a prosperous life. You may just need to re-learn a couple of concepts...

But first a warning: This is not an easy button book, or some kind of passive income fast track. These are real stories of real people and their not-so-obvious principles to wealth. If you are willing to open your mind to new concepts about wealth, then read on.

This book is a guide of counterintuitive real life stories, and the lessons learned from those stories. This book is the antithesis of the traditional Wall Street financial planner. It is a compilation of counterintuitive habits that created wealth and prosperity for the authors. In fact, your definition of those to words may change after reading.

The Wealth Code is a life lesson of habits, mindsets and stories of how they have been used to create prosperity.

It's more than just about habits though....

  • The way you have been taught to measure Net Worth is flawed

  • Financial Leverage is the key, right? WRONG!

  • 10 ways to create the right type of wealth that your financial advisor will never tell you (most likely because he or she doesn't know them)

  • An attorney's explanation of how the foundation of your wealth will collapse without having this one item in order first

  • Why the concept of ownership is how you should decide on an advisor

  • Why who you spend time with is more important than what you invest in

  • And much, much more...

Start changing your life today!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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