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The Sleep Habit
by Stephanie Ewing

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✓ Do you have trouble falling asleep?

✓ Are your evening routines and bedroom optimized to get the best sleep?

Cancer-survivor, school principal, behavior specialist, teacher, mother, wife . . .  these are a few of the roles author Stephanie Ewing fills each day. Have you spent time thinking about the number of roles you have in this beautiful, messy, complicated life? It’s no wonder we have sleep problems!

The research on sleep is pretty clear. For most of us, there are a core set of behaviors that work cohesively to provide our bodies the necessary biological, physiological and psychological ingredients for sleep. As an individual, it is up to us to know the behaviors, and practice them in conjunction with one another to find our personalized sleep recipe.

This quick read is your roadmap to better sleep.
Begin your journey now!


From the Back Cover

Do you have trouble falling asleep? 

The Sleep Habit can help in just 3 days! If you are a serious skeptic, no worries. Your homework is to read this book and take the quiz. Then make ALL of the changes suggested.

After that, re-read the book and follow every step. Your mind has to see the possibilities before you begin. This technique of giving yourself time to process the information will help with most habits that you want to start.

Sleep is really important for health and being on top of your game. So read The Sleep Habit, and implement the steps because you deserve to feel great!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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