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Sci-Fi Romance
The River of Light
by Buffy Eau Claire

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Short read/novella.

Master Sergeant Jessica Lindel has accomplished over eighty missions, more than any member of the karma clearing program is allowed. She's up for a promotion but has been putting it off because it will take her out of the field.

Safety Sergeant Kai Sloan arrives from Arcturus. He's responsible for her safety but, he's falling for her.

Clearing Earth's negative karma is Sirius work. And it's work that's taking a toll on Jessica. As she travels through the lives and deaths of those on Earth, she pushes her limits further.

Tasked with keeping her safe during missions, can Sloan save Jessica from herself and her secret?

Devour this delicious story in one sitting!

“How come I haven’t seen him here before?” She motioned with her chin toward the stranger.

The man started talking to the herbalist, who replied and then pointed toward their table. Jessica turned back around.

“Who? Sloan? He just transferred to Sirius B from Arcturus. Yummy, isn’t he?” Naiomi stared dreamily in his direction.

“I hadn’t noticed,” Jessica lied. “He looks lost.”

“Aw, he’s alright,” Rowan chimed in. “I talked to him when he arrived yesterday. Not a bad sort, really. Apparently, one hell of a Safety Specialist. He’ll be a good man to have on our team.”

Rowan shot back in his chair and Jessica knew Naiomi had kicked him under the table.

“He’s on our team?” Jessica raised her voice, then remembered her aching head. “When did this all happen?” She turned back to Naiomi. “And when were you going to tell me?”

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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