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The Power of STAR Method
by Martha Gage

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Without a doubt, the greatest challenge facing today’s job applicants is properly preparing for “behavioral interviewing.” To neglect the fact that most companies now use this hiring technique is to put yourself at a distinct disadvantage. With the average number of applicants for any position these days well exceeding 20, you simply cannot afford to do that.

Gone are the days when an applicant could rely on their credentials and professional demeanor. Your competition will all have that as well. Your interviewer will likely use a competency-based interview method known as the behavioral interview to evaluate your behavior in a variety of situations, in an effort to predict your future performance. Fortune 500 companies have already utilized this procedure as an integral part of their hiring process for years.

But how exactly should you prepare for these behavioral questions and answers? How can you interview better under these conditions, and what exactly are the interview skills needed to set you apart and win the job?

Introducing the STAR method of job interview prepping. Scoring high at a competency-based interview is all about the way you tell your story. The STAR method will teach you to tell it in a way that will land you in the top 10% of applicants. This interview response technique is presented in an easily-digestible format with an eye for precise, concise, and confident fielding of the all-critical behavioral interview questions.

In this comprehensive guide you'll learn:

  • The 20 most common behavioral questions to prepare for

  • Specific strategies for handling behavioral interviews

  • Step-by-step instructions for predicting probable questions and developing your stories

  • The psychology behind your interviewer (how they have been trained and what they are looking for)

  • The most common mistakes your competitors will make – which you must not make

  • Tips for showcasing the best features of your personality

  • BONUS: The STAR resume and cover letter, to increase your chances of an invitation to an interview

…And much more, including extras such as an interview practice worksheet and valuable resource lists.

The bottom line is you need to become proficient at behavioral interviews, because it has become the only way to separate yourself enough for the employer to actually consider your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Learning and implementing the STAR methodmay very well be the most important step you ever take for your future career.

deal prices can change - please check before buying