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The Menopause Relief Paradox
by Maria Ian

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Menopause with guts, not agony! Mired in misinformation of the health risks into which you risk plummeting at menopause? Drowning in conflicting bytes from the internet, family members, well-meaning experts?

In panic at symptoms that shatter your sense of who you are and want to be? Devastated by the insight that you are much better than this, and cataclysmic energy is meant to achieve your HEALTH and not another meltdown? 

Be excited at the jaw-dropping prospect that YES! you can be relentless and conquer Armageddon. Recession-proof, no strings attached means exist:

  • Take charge in time before symptoms defeat you

  • Learn the inexpensive, science backed means guaranteed to have results if implemented timely and consistently

  • Defy your MD's knowledge; know your body and don't wait to be plagued by incomplete or unsatisfactory medical diagnosis ("the treatment does help, but then again not really...")

  • Be passionate about your body's complexity and explicit that you can triumph! Don't be shattered when symptoms are contradictory, your body sends you mixed signals, or nothing appears to help.

  • Unconditionally work with your MD as opposed to against or without that person! Know what to ask for, and on which explanations and treatments to rely.

This authentic, results-oriented book is based on the most recent medical research, yours at the click of your mouse. This book will defy all odds to show that menopause is not a disease, nor your secret, nor a permanent condition that is becoming progressively worse. 

Dare yourself to this amazing backbone of knowledge and skyrocket your faith in a fearless healthy future! Read this book now and become an insider of what to endorse with your practitioner.

This eye-opening book goes beyond other menopause books and looks at the proven processes that determine the nature and extent of your symptoms, such as:

  • Psychological Stressors

  • The Gut-Brain-Connection

  • Mitochondria (Cell-Level)

  • Immunity

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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