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Literary Fiction
The Last Sunny Day
by Ellie Sabine

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Drowning in debt, Erin packs her swimsuit and flip flops and accepts a job in The Grove, a seemingly idyllic island community. Days after her arrival, her job contract is upgraded, and she’s welcomed into The Grove’s prestigious surrogacy program despite being the least likely candidate for the program… obviously, they made a mistake. But now all Erin needs to do is ride out the heat, island drama, and pregnancy hormones, and she’ll be able to make enough money to afford to return to her beloved city.... as long as it's still there.

When something shocking occurs outside the island, The Grove snaps its seawall gates shut, and everyone is ordered to return to their homes and remain inside. Word spreads around the island that the cities are gone. Erin climbs up on her roof to watch the changing world, but she can only see the dark waves and the arriving boats... and wait.

Erin's sister, nephews, and newborn niece show up on the shores of the island, awaiting refuge that may never be offered. Erin must decide... should she put her own life—and the baby she's carrying—at risk to help them?

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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