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The Lady of Larnwick
by P. R. Moffitt & Thomas A. Moffitt

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The Fable Begins...

In a land where magic has slowly been ground into dust, elves and orcs still manage to dwell amongst men. Whilst Erosil is home to many kingdoms, Man’s Lands dominate all they see as foreign. Estron, Jacarcia, and the isle of Scarron are ruled by two siblings born of the most powerful human dynasty: the Whitehammers.

The Whitehammer king in the west is dead and his troubled daughter is seen as unfit to rule his realm. Her brothers and their council of Jacarcian nobles worry about the allegiances she has made through her marriage.

The Whitehammer queen in the east has problems of her own. Her oldest son is far from ready to take the throne, and she is rumoured to be planning to bypass him in favour of her more capable children.

Bonds will be broken, intrigue will thrive, and the ones who love will love no more.

The Lady of Larnwick's fable is told, and the ears of Erosil are drawn to its final recital.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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