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Real Estate Investmenting
The Journey To Simple Passive Cashflow
by Lane Kawaoka

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All too often hard working people with good jobs are struggling to get by.

These are the same people who are forced to take stressful promotions at work and spend a couple hours commuting each day. They come home to the house they think they own, but they are really just a slave to the mortgage company.

These “good citizens” are victims of an engineered system to keep them investing in 401Ks, mutual funds, and stocks.

This financial system is setup where the insiders are stealing the majority of your returns (and you take all the risk).

The truth is the wealth who are investing in alternative assets and operating off a different financial framework and not using these traditional options from a financial planner, commission-based broker, or the retail 401k/mutual fund/stock route.

Lane Kawaoka has been investing in real estate for over a decade and now controls 7,500+ units (1$ Billion plus in assets). Lane is responsible for finding, analyzing, and marketing real estate investment opportunities.

It's likely not the journey you’d expect, and it's also more simple than you’d expect. Welcome to the Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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