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Historical Romance
The Inheritance of Elena Firth
by Regina Clarke

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“An unforeseen destiny awaits you, my dearest daughter,” Sara had said to her at dusk just before the fever took her life. “The answers to your questions will show themselves. Find Geraint. He’ll help you.” So it was that Elena Firth found herself riding across the Yorkshire moors to the manor where she had been born. Vowing to fulfill her mother’s last wish, Elena had left their home of exile in Australia to discover the truth of an old legacy and avenge her uncle's betrayal.

Against her own passion for rightful possession of the land she inherited from her mother, she meets in her uncle intense jealousy, a vicious egotism, and the certainty her own life is at risk. It is only with the help of her mother’s old friend Geraint that she begins to challenge and unearth a family secret and bring the truth into the light.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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