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The Fraud
by Christine Pattle

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A potential fraud. An abducted colleague. A web of lies.

When ex-firefighter Clarke Pettis stumbles across evidence that the company she works for is purchasing hazardous fire-doors, her colleague Tammy escalates the issue to management.

Clarke investigates further, but then Tammy goes missing, and another colleague is murdered.

The police can’t find Tammy and believe she’s dead. Clarke searches for Tammy herself. As she digs deeper, someone is trying to warn her off, but is it the hunt for Tammy, or the fraud investigation that’s putting Clarke's safety at risk?

Clarke is way out of her depth. Can she find the courage to save herself and Tammy from an impossible situation before it’s too late?

An engaging mystery, full of twists and turns with a thrilling climax.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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