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Action & Adventure
The Fate of the Three
by Mark Hehir

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The Yukon Territory is a vast and unforgiving wilderness and is home to grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, and packs of grey wolves. For many years, a few adventurers have entered its forests and disappeared. Never to be seen again.

A man who goes by Hawk has no memory of who he is or where he is from, yet he has survived more than three years in the Yukon with the help of his friend, a grey wolf he calls Shadow.

Andrea, a rookie pilot, sits on a shoreline of an unknown mountain lake where her floatplane rests at the bottom. She is lost, has no way to call for help, and lacks the necessary supplies to survive the perilous forest surrounding her.

One day, fate will bring them together.

Will Hawk help Andrea get back home, and will he return with her?

Or is the call of the wild stronger than a woman’s love.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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