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Storm Island
by Linda Watkins

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2019 Silver Medalist in Fiction-Suspense, Readers Favorite International Book Awards!

2018 Winner, First Place Award, Chanticleer International Book Awards (PARANORMAL AWARDS)!

>>>A Contemporary Gothic Series to Chill Your Bones and Warm Your Heart...

A body found hanging from the ceiling fan in the tower room of the old manor house on Storm Island.

For nineteen years, Kate Pomeroy has suppressed that memory. A second-year-resident in surgery, she thinks she has her life under control. But a curious conversation overheard while taking a catnap launches her on a descent into a world filled with nightmarish visions that cause her to doubt her own sanity.

>>>An Unexpected Romance Battered by Waves of Terror, Old and New

Sent to Storm Island to rest and recuperate from an apparent breakdown, Kate is forced to come to grips with memories of the summer her mother died as well as new terrors that plague her mind. Even the blossoming of an unexpected romance with islander, Jeremy Bradshaw, cannot keep her fears at bay for long.

>>>A Mystery of Her Own Making?

The discovery of a strange little silo, hidden deep in the woods, spurs Kate to action as she tries to unravel its mysteries. But is the silo real or just another illusion created by her tortured mind?

>>>"An engrossing and suspenseful mystery." ~Kirkus Reviews

Storm Island, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery, is the first book in a series of mysteries involving the young doctor. The second book in the series, The Tao of the Viper, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery, will be published in October 2019 and it is anticipated that the third book, Abducted, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery, will be published in early 2020.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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