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Spanish Short Stories for Beginners
by Just Fluency

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What if I told you that you could start to comprehend and communicate fast in the Spanish language without learning from a dull dictionary?

We have all experienced how the educational system teaches languages. It seems to be an outdated and ineffective way to study a foreign language.

Is it normal to spend many years learning a language and still have problems understanding and communicating?

How many people do you know who had been learning a foreign language in school, and after graduating, they did not know that language, even if they spend years learning it?

We know a lot.

Many people want to learn languages but are discouraged due a negative experience in the traditional system. This disheartens rather than motivates them to reach their new language goals.

Most people, even if they want to, do not know how to prepare an effective language learning plan and stick to it. It makes language learning very hard and inefficient if you do not know how to implement modern learning strategies.

There are many reasons why people learn languages. Some want to get better-paying jobs, travel around the world, build an international business to reach customers from other countries, learn about new cultures, train their memories, meet new people, etc.

An interesting fact is that learning foreign languages is also an excellent way to improve the work of our brains. In fact, it reduces the probability of getting Alzheimer's or dementia quite a lot!

These reasons clearly show that learning a language is a valuable skill to improve your life in many ways and is a priceless way to boost good health!

What if I told you that it is possible to learn a new language in a comfy and efficient way?

Some people believe that an exceptional language learning talent is necessary to learn a new language, which is why people often do not try even if they want to.

What is funny here is that researchers have not found ANY proof for this statement. It shows that every human being can comprehend and speak a new language. The only requirement is to utilize the right material and strategy to grow the needed skills of speaking, reading, writing & more.

What is unique about the Just Fluency team is that it has managed to prepare modern, outstanding material to comprehend a new language.

Just Fluency is a group of people who are passionate about learning new languages who decided to share their experiences in the form of a book to assist others.

We want to share our knowledge because we know that it can free so many people from the tiresome and tedious trial and error task of daily learning the language.

Many people know how frustrating it can be to spend a lot of time learning something without seeing results. The way to avoid this is to utilize simple and efficient memorizing techniques while reading engaging stories in the target language.

It seems to be a straightforward structure, but believe us, you will get the best results in the shortest time without learning advanced grammar and trying to memorize many unused words from the dictionary.

In the "Spanish Short Stories for Beginners" book, you will find:

  • Instruction on how to use the book efficiently

  • Tips and tricks to remember faster

  • Thirty engaging stories written in Spanish and actions taking place in Latin America that show a bit of local culture while giving life lessons

  • A summary of each story in Spanish and English to ensure you know what you've read

  • A list of frequently-used words from the text

  • Short quizzes to check comprehensive

  • Answers to the stories to check your progress

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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