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Science Fiction
Space Pirate Scrooge
by Jay Toney

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This is a comedy, thriller, space opera, and Christmas story all rolled into one exciting story for adults.

It is Nathaniel’s second Christmas and Doc Roberts’ last chance to get the Spirit of Christmas. He will be revisited by the Kringles, and see the dreaded space freighter, Santa’s Little Helper, again. Good news! He has moved down a few notches on the naughty list, but not far enough to satisfy his wife, Elaunae. She wants her husband on the good list. Yah, don’t count on it happening. After all, he is a pirate. It isn’t in his nature, but she has to try.

Doc will be visited by two ghosts from the past. Not his mother or father. They are still alive, and enjoying retirement, living in luxury on the Alliance retirement world, Luxor III. He sees an eerie apparition of Captain Ryder. That is impossible, he killed him, himself, fifteen years ago. Then he sees and converses with Su’Gateol, his wife’s former husband, who warns him that he will be visited by three spirits, Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Can they save him, or will he continue to be a scumbag? His getting into the spirit of Christmas is going to take a miracle.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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