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Sober On A Drunk Planet
by Sean Alexander

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What are the mind-blowing transformations from giving up alcohol that everyone should know about? And why you should stop drinking alcohol - whether you're a binge drinker, social drinker or everyday drinker.

In Sober On A Drunk Planet – Giving Up Alcohol, Sean Alexander cuts through the drunken haze to provide hard-hitting advice, which elegantly combines laugh-out-loud moments, sobering science and powerful insights as a therapist, strength coach and former drunk.

Whether you're sober curious, looking to stay sober or want to stop drinking alcohol for good, this non-preachy guide explores eight critical areas of life that will fiercely evolve when you give up alcohol. You will be shocked at discovering how drunk society really is, why alcohol has been holding you back, and the metamorphic transformations that occur when you go alcohol-free.

Alexander provides a refreshing slap of sobriety versus drink culture that provides a highly motivating and thought-provoking guide that will empower you with the mindset to start living an extraordinary life, booze-free.

If you want to stop drinking alcohol and see how giving up alcohol can transform your life in unexpected ways, scroll up to the top and click 'Buy Now'.

Inside, you'll discover life-changing answers to:

Why you need to reframe the idea of 'giving up'

● Why alcohol has been holding you back from losing weight, gaining muscle and being in the best shape of your life

How giving up alcohol will allow you to reach financial freedom

● Why alcohol negatively affects every relationship in your life

The negative feedback loop you didn't know you were creating

● What you can learn about spirituality from David Bowie and whether Alcoholics Anonymous is for you

Why giving up alcohol could be the answer to rocket launching your career, salary and work/life balance

● How to navigate the practicalities of being sober on a drunk planet

…..and much more.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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