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Teen & Young Adult
Seven Out Of Ten
by CJ Gilmerton

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Karien Watts is seventeen years old and about to sit The Marking.
She must score at least eight out of ten to transfer to a new life in West Farantopia.

Anything less means working fourteen hour shifts every day in East Farantopia.

“Seven out of ten,” the examiner states without a hint of compassion. “You failed.”

“No. This can't be happening. I always believed I would pass.”

“As does every pretty little girl who walks through the door.

But what would you do to change your failure to success, Miss Watts?” asks the examiner.

With eyes closed, I whisper, “Anything and everything.”

Karien Watts is given a chance to help tear down the misogynistic number system by way of illegal enhancements.

She soon finds out that West Farantopia is not the utopia it was made out to be.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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