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Paranormal Romance
Sacrificed to the Monster
by Ava Mona

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When Grace sees her name flashing on the TV screen, she knows this is the last day of her life. She’s being drafted as this year’s sacrifice to the monster that lurks beneath her world. It will keep her people safe, prevent her sisters from being the one chosen instead, even if it means she’ll be eaten whole once she’s lowered into the ground.

They put her into a softer dress than she’s ever worn, feed her a meal she could never afford otherwise, and tell her what an honor it is to have been selected. Then she’s placed in the shaft that will take her to her fate.

Only, once she’s in total darkness, hundreds of feet below the only home she’s ever known, there’s a deep voice calling her forward. Demanding she kneel before him. Promising her both pleasure and pain.

She no longer knows if this is her end, or the beginning of something else.

This is an erotic sci-fi romance. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and HEA guaranteed!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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