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Quantum Physics for Beginners Into the Light
by John Stoddard

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Are you ready to master the most important, universe-shaking secrets of Quantum Physics in 4 steps, even if you’ve got zero prior experience or training in the subject? Then keep reading...

In 1965, the great American physicist Richard Feynman famously proclaimed, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands Quantum Mechanics." Is there any wonder why?

Particles that pop in and out of existence...

Spooky action at a distance that travels faster than light...

Infinite universes and branching realities…

The impossible phenomenon that breaks the rules of physics and altered the course of WWII...

Miracle computers that work 158 million times faster than the world's best supercomputers…

Most people, unfortunately, were never taught how wonderful and spectacular Quantum Physics really and truly is in school...

And the ones who do receive formal training are overwhelmed with advanced mathematics that only makes sense to a fraction of the population...

In this book, we will break through the confusion and reveal to you the most important ideas of Quantum Physics, told through the amazing true story of just 4 bizarre discoveries – many of which were made completely by accident!

In Quantum Physics, Into the Light, you’ll discover:

  • How one young physicist accidentally discovered quantum physics with a math trick and changed our entire understanding of light and matter forever.

  • The true secret nature of light (get ready to be extremely confused).

  • How a playful riddle about a dead cat started as a joke but later smashed our entire interpretation of reality forever.

  • Why and how Newton got gravity wrong (and Einstein got it right).

  • How a man you’ve never heard of took us to the brink of a Theory of Everything (and why we’re not there yet).

  • Proof there’s a black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

  • Einstein’s top-secret letter to President Roosevelt that saved the Allies in WWII.

  • How to build an atom bomb, step by step.

  • The secret of why clocks on GPS satellites run slower than Earth clocks (and how time travel might work).

  • How we calculated the exact age of the Earth (and the universe too).

  • The deadliest, most destructive threat in our universe (and why we’re still alive).

  • How quantum physics has built our modern world (and will shape our future).

  • The real science behind worm holes, string theory, alternate realities, parallel universes, and the multiverse.

  • And a whole lot more!

And as free bonuses, you’ll get a glossary for key terms, a list of all the most important equations and variables mentioned, and we included fun facts about the physicists themselves to bring the history to life.

You could research the topics individually and piece the story together yourself… But this process would take hundreds of hours!

This book will immediately increase your understanding of Quantum Physics, as well as show you why it matters in your life…

Even if you have no prior experience – the book starts with the assumption you know nothing about quantum physics (yet).

Even if you are not “good at math” - the equations are explained in plain English.

Even if you don’t have the time - only the most impactful concepts are included with absolutely zero fluff.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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