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Science Fiction
Progeny of the Shrine
by Richard Kellier

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An ancient revelation on a collision course with occult beliefs.
Geneticist, Tim Leigh, is obsessed with the collection of ancient pseudo-medical charts adorning his office wall. To help rid himself of the obsession, he seeks help from his friend, colleague and mathematician Rachel Kardo. Together, they discover a revelation hidden within the ancient diagrams. With the ancient code deciphered, they must now deal with events that are deeply mystifying, unprecedented and bizarre. Having discovered that a new species of evolutionary advanced humans are about to appear, Tim and Rachel find themselves at the centre of the most extraordinary events in human history. Some think it is a New Beginning - but a group of renegade scientists are attempting to destroy humanity's gift and replace it with their own genetically engineered and grotesque creation.

Events culminate in a dramatic finale, in which the ultimate battle between good and evil is played out at one of humanity's most sacred locations - and a revelation of Biblical proportions.

Beware: all is not as it seems.

Note: The First Edition of this book was published with a different title - The Omega Paradox. Because the title has changed, this second edition has lost all its reviews. Therefore, a couple of reviews for the first edition of this book are listed below.

"I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for future books. Really makes you want to find out what's real, theory, or fiction. Very well written. No filler stories or background fluff. Don't mind missing a night of sleep for a book like this!"

"Loved this book, really original plot and I shall certainly be first in line for the second book by this author."

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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