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Preemptive Strike

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When a team of Navy SEALs with "unique abilities" is ambushed on a clandestine mission to stop a human trafficking ring, the hunt for their killer is on... no matter how long it takes.

As they narrow in on the corrupt corporation that still wants what they have, they must ascend through the ranks of the UFC Fighting Octagon to get close enough to strike.

But as they do, what becomes abundantly clear is that this war goes beyond our world, and the soldiers in it represent a far greater battlefield than man was meant to know.

"I was hooked. Great book!" ~ James Stokes, actor

"Descriptive writing... like a movie in my mind.. an adventure with heart." ~ Mike Wittig, Grammy nominated musician

"I love the bad guys. I wanted to be them, it was so fun." ~ Michael Wagemann, Amazon reader

"Preemptive strike is a smart blend of urban fantasy and high-impact action where good and evil is clearly defined. You'll love Preemptive Strike!" ~ Andy Postema, Amazon reader

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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