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by Benjamin Brayshow

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Learn about the benefits of crystal healing

For a long time, the healing abilities of crystals have remained a mystery. In our hunt for complementary treatments, people have argued over what their genuine qualities are and what benefits their energies may provide.

In this book, we'll examine the specifics of what we do know to be true about these magical stones and how to use their unadulterated energy to our advantage. There is much evidence that utilizing crystals may reduce tension and discomfort, promote deep relaxation, and improve general well-being.

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The most popular stones and their specific advantages are covered in this guide. We will also discuss how to maintain your crystals so they may continue to emit pulsing energies for many years to come.

We'll also examine the benefits of crystals for improving your physical and mental health. As a non-evasive method of treatment, crystal therapy offers one of the most secure and organic forms of holistic healing.

What are you waiting for? Order this indispensable manual right now to learn how to use earth energies for their built-in healing capabilities.

A Sneak Peek At What's Inside...

  • what crystals are

  • The Workings of Crystal Healing

  • Choosing the Right Crystals for You

  • How to Heal using Crystals

  • Also has a useful crystal guide

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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