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Our Neverland
by Anna Raven

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Finley is a shy, inexperienced small-town dreamer, who moves from Winkelman Arizona, a town made up of barely 350 people to work at a global advertising firm in Seattle. Not only is this his dream job, but an opportunity for him to stand on his own feet away from his friends and family. When Finley makes the decision to move without the support of his single mother, it leaves their relationship strained, adding more pressure on Finley to prove that he is more than the small-town life he’s leaving behind.

Through one of his colleagues, Finley is introduced into an existing social circle at work. Leading to a chemistry filled introduction with a girl named Skyla. Finley is immediately captivated by her forward and flirtatious, quick wit approach. Their natural connection, bringing out a confidence in Finley that he didn't know existed. But Skyla isn’t everything she seems; she’s keeping a few secrets. As Sky and Fin embark on a roller-coaster of a relationship he starts to find everything in his new city life daunting. The people, the social scene and most importantly the complicated, emotional world Sky is pulling him into.

As Finley finds himself struggling with the dynamics of work, friends, tense family relationships and falling in love more and more. He tries to juggle what he feels, wants, and thinks is right, leading to him making decisions that impact him and those around him more than he could have anticipated.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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