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Fairy Tales & Folklore
Once Upon A Wicked Heart
by Multiple Authors

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How do you break a villain’s heart? The first step is to steal it...

Join the authors of Once Upon A Wicked Heart as they detail the bittersweet, tragic, and sinister love lives of the villains we all love to hate!

These twelve dark retellings of fairy tales and myths will leave you shocked, entertained, and hungry for more!

  • a Faerie queen with a score to settle

  • a jilted goddess who starts a bloody war

  • a heart of ice that will either thaw or shatter

  • a cursed maiden finds worth in her affliction

  • a serial killer might have just met her match

  • a nymph seems to have found true love at last

  • a mechanical heart could be a young woman's undoing

  • a sister seeks vengeance against those who wronged her

  • a betrayed witch vows retribution for the slights against her

  • a mistreated queen will take her rightful place, no matter the cost

  • a sea witch learns that love cannot be so easily manipulated

  • a god takes back what was stolen from him in a gruesome fashion

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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