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Emotional Thriller
by Peter Martin

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We never forget our first love; it is forever ingrained in our mind. But for Ian it is even more poignant, as Debbie gave him his first taste of sex. The most beautiful moment of his young life. But when she dumps him, he is heartbroken.

How does he get over this, with no friends at home or at work? Then looking through a local paper he sees an advert to join a club for 18-30 year old’s. After much deliberation, he joins, his new social life helping him to forget his woes. There he meets Sandy who is recovering from an overdose after being jilted by her boyfriend. Slowly they build up a relationship and get married and have two children.

Twenty-five years later, while travelling home on the train, he bumps into Debbie, his first love, who is divorced and now single. It was nice talking to her, but they both have their own lives to live.

However, Sandy has her elderly mother living alone to look after. When her mother develops dementia, their marriage takes a turn for the worse, as Sandy must spend much more time caring for her mother. He confides in Debbie and starts seeing her. Now, he faces a dilemma, does he stick with Sandy, who he hardly ever sees, or leave her for Debbie who seems very keen to take up with him again?

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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