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Nothing Is Wasted
by David Rose

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Have you ever asked why you are going through something difficult?

Our lives are often filled with hurt.

From abuse and bullying to medical hardships, financial instability, and more, the list of unexpected trials we so often face is endless.

In all the pain and struggle, you may start questioning where God is when all these things happen to us.

But the truth is that God can use our most trying moments, our darkest days, and turn them into our greatest ministry.

David Rose knows suffering. In his memoir, Nothing Is Wasted, he shares about life events that he has walked through—experiences of abuse and bullying and a terrible accident that led to years of medical treatment, ultimately altering the trajectory of his life forever.

While his story may seem shrouded in darkness, a brighter light was present throughout his life.

In every moment, God was with Him, and He was unfolding a glorious plan in Rose’s life. Through it all, Rose learned that God can use the lowest times in your life and turn the pain into something beautiful.

Whatever you are walking through, you can find encouragement in Rose’s book Nothing Is Wasted.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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