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Money to Burn
by Duane Lindsay

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It should have been the perfect heist. The crooks thought of everything—scoped out a briefcase full of bearer bonds, distracted the driver of its armored car, and used some old-fashioned firepower for gentle persuasion.

All neat and tidy except for one thing—there’s nothing in the briefcase but blank paper.

Well, they’re not going to take this lying down! They hire private investigator Lou Fleener to get their loot back.

Then Lou’s business partners—his feisty wife Cassidy and their brilliant friend Monk—get hired to find the briefcase by its original owners.

A once-in-a-lifetime piece of luck! Ethics thrown to the wind, they’re now working both sides of the case, and feeling pretty smug about it. What could be better?

Just about anything, it turns out.

Pro tip for Fleener first-timers: Prepare for tight turns, steep slopes, and a few inversions—this is a roller coaster read approaching maximum thrill level.

Both cozy lovers and hard-boiled aficionados will love it, and be back for more! Especially readers looking for laughs. That’s right—author Lindsay’s also working both sides of the street.

Lou and his team’s humorous yet action-packed adventures are sure to please fans of such diverse authors as Donald Westlake, Raymond Chandler, and Lawrence Block in his Burglar mode.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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