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Master The OBVIOUS

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Do you know that a good night's sleep heals psychological trauma? And how you can optimize your sleep for physical and mental wellness?

Do you know that your posture affects your mood? And how you can use it to hack your brain chemistry and become more assertive and happy?

Do you know how to eat? And how you can eat less and not feel hungry? Or eat more and not feel bloated?

Are you even breathing correctly? And know how to use your breath to become calm and clear-headed in a stressful situation?

Master The Obvious will fix and improve eating, breathing, sleeping, and other basic aspects of your life in easy and well-defined steps. It will bulletproof the fundamentals of your biological operating system.

Ace the details of your routine- the
daily habits that literally dictate your life no matter where you are- or how rich or poor or happy or unhappy you are. Things that you do every day- mundane, and in some strange way, deeply intimate because of their idiosyncrasy. They decide how white your smile, how proud your stride and how deep your sleep is. This book utilizes insights from monks, scientists, and a diverse body of research and turns them into actionable steps that help improve your life from the ground up.

Healthy living is not a giant leap, it is a series of small steps.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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