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Knocked Up by a Silver Fox
by Paige Dawson

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I should’ve known better than to have a one night stand with that silver fox billionaire…

Turns out, he’s a damaged ex-Navy-Seal.

Also, my estranged dad’s best friend.

He offered to be my company’s newest major funder before he knew who I was.

Now It’s too late to go back.

I can’t stop thinking about his arms around me, the look he gave me, that scorching toe-curling night.

He refuses to take no for an answer and he always gets what he wants.

He’s made it very clear that what he wants is me.

If word gets out about us, I risk losing funding for the company and my sanity.

Things have gotten very complicated… Especially now that I’m staring at two pink lines on this stick.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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