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Knock 'Em Dead, Donny
by S. A. Adams

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There is only one way out of purgatory. Wait until your sentence is up. I ain’t got time for that...

It wasn't my time to go, but the grim reaper took me nonetheless. The good news is there's an afterlife, the bad news is I didn’t make it into Heaven—big surprise! Remanded to purgatory, Saint Peter offers me a reduced sentence if I opt for the seventh level. It sounded like a great deal, but it turned into my worst nightmare.

Now my daughter is in trouble back on Earth, heading in a downward spiral. I can’t let her end up in purgatory, or God forbid, some place worse. I need to save her before it’s too late. But that would mean the impossible—breaking out. I’ll do anything to save my daughter. I just hope I don’t lose my soul in the process.

**The Infernal Parable is a literary dark fantasy journey into the heart and soul of a man, struggling with his inner demons in a morally gray universe. It follows his regrets, inspirations, penitence, and ultimate redemption.**

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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