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Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God?
by James Finke

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In this volume of the Christianity Uncomplicated book series, James Finke addresses the most important question in history, asked by the most important person in history.

The person is Jesus of Nazareth and the question is, “Who do you say that I am?”

Tragically, most people will spend their entire life dodging the question. They’ll change the subject, using objections like:

  • The Christian faith and I have different views on social issues like abortion and gay marriage.

  • Some Christian groups are too intolerant.

  • I don’t like how some Christian groups meddle in politics.

  • Many Christians are hypocrites.

  • There are lots of religions, and I’m not sure only one has to be the right way.

That’s where this book comes in. No more playing “spiritual whac-a-mole” with skeptics. You’ll learn to methodically and simply explain why Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of your life.

Your faith, and your ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others will never be the same.

Are you ready? Let’s talk Jesus.

What other Christ-followers think about this book series…

“I thoroughly enjoy this author's writing style, which has a conversational feel to it. He presents the information in a well-researched and organized manner, then illustrates it with useful analogies that help to make the material much more understandable. More than that, the author defends his faith with such clarity that I felt a true sense of joy reading it.”

“There is such a kindness and gentleness in the way the information is presented, and you feel as though your friend has personally written the words to you on the page.

“With totally relatable and often humorous, ‘next-door neighbor’ ease, James simply un-complicates things.”

“Numbers and science speak to me. Balancing that with faith is difficult at times. Someone gave me this book, and it has changed my world.”

“As a long-time reader of apologetics books, I highly recommend this book. It can change your life!”

“James has a gift of writing that explains who God is and the evidence for believing in Him in a very methodical and logical pattern complete with graph layouts. As a visual learner I find this writing style very appealing.”

“I loved the writing style, the examples and the explanations of quite tricky concepts! It's brilliant. Such easy reading and helped me to think deeper about God throughout.”

“As a former Catholic school student turned skeptic, this book provided clear and compelling arguments that had me thinking. I like the pragmatic approach and I think many people will appreciate this topic being presented in this way.”

“I know a number of people who might change their minds about being atheists if they read this book!”

“Author James Finke has a knack for methodically answering frequently asked questions, precept upon precept.”

“Perfect gift for those who may be searching for answers. This book speaks clearly in ways where it’s hard to find words at times.”

“I wanted to have solid, defined reasons for believing and used this book for a Bible study.”

“Please read this book. You’ll be glad you did.”

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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