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Intentional Happiness
by Julie Leonard

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"Transforming your life is something that so many want, yet feels entirely impossible. This is for the woman who knows she was made for more, and just not certain how to open the door. Read this book and the doors that will open for you become limitless."

Ginny Krauss, Greatness Coach


Learn the exact tools you need to feel truly happy and stay happy.

Understand the research that shows that you can change your life.

Intentionally create the amazing life of your dreams.

In this transformational book INTENTIONAL HAPPINESS: The Life-Changing Guide To Being Happy and Staying Happy, Julie Leonard, a Life Coach and Happiness Evangelist takes you step by step on a journey to happiness.

With over 30 years of Psychology, Health and Coaching Experience, she combines her extensive knowledge, personal experience, her work with over 1000 women as well as science and research to bring you a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide to becoming proactive in your life and to be happy and stay happy.

This book is for you if:

★ You feel stuck and don't know how to change your life

★ Your life is ok but there are several areas of your life that need improvement

★ You want to be happier but don't know what would help

★ You want your life to be different but have no idea in what way

★ You need support to gain clarity, clear blocks and get motivated

★ You are looking for proven, effective tools to make long-lasting and positive changes in your life

★ You want to feel strong, resilient and happy

★ You want to be proactive not reactive in your life

★ You don't want to waste time on things that may not help. You want proven tools and techniques, backed by science that will quickly and effectively change your life.

★ You want the blueprint on how to be happy and stay happy

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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