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I'm Setting Healthy Boundaries, Don't Ask Me for Sh!t
by Cody Evans

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Having a hard time telling people “No”?

Tired of feeling stepped on by others walking all over you?

Does it seem like people poke their way into your personal space bubble without a care?

Maybe, deep down you know you deserve self-love, but feel selfish and guilty about it.

Having healthy boundaries in place with yourself and other people can be daunting especially if you’re afraid of coming off as a jerk or offending people.

It’s no surprise that we often feel resentment or anger after we’ve done something that we never wanted to really do in the first place.

But the good news is that there IS a simple way to resolve these problems.

A simple way that will help you feel better and respected within all your relationships; yourself, people at work, partners, friends, family etc.

“I'm Setting Healthy Boundaries, Don't Ask Me for Sh!t” will walk you through exactly how to set healthy boundaries that feel good AND that are respected by other people without making you feel guilty, or like a butthead.

Inside these pages you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what healthy boundaries are and are not

  • How to accept what you need with love and compassion

  • Kind, yet super effective words for expressing your boundaries

  • A framework to give you the freedom to love and prioritize yourself first

  • Non-verbal tactics to set clear boundaries

  • How to not compromise your individuality just to be “considerate” of others

  • Setting boundaries with family, friends, and partners

  • How to set boundaries at work

  • How to deal with boundary stepping toxic personalities

  • How to stop people from taking advantage of your kindness

  • Overcoming your fear, anxiety, and guilt when setting boundaries

  • And much more!

Unraveling the root of your problem, discovering the power of self-love while learning how to set healthy boundaries - without feeling guilty are all key to feeling happy and respected!

You can start doing what YOU want to do AND gain healthier, stronger relationships at the same time.

If you’re tired of people walking all over you, not being able to say “no” and ready for a powerful shift that will positively transform your life…

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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