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How to Validate People
by Ian Tuhovsky

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Start Attracting People And Creating Long Lasting Connections Today

Book Reveals How Anyone Can Increase Their EQ and Become the Person Everyone Feels Good Around

Author breaks the biggest myths around emotional intelligence and gives away advice that changes lives instantly.

Dear Reader,
If you want relations that bring joy, fulfilment and peace into your life.

Then you’re looking at the right book.

Here’s why:

My name is Ian Tuhovsky. During my 11+ years of working with people and traveling to 50+ countries, I observed something astounding…

Most people have a hard time nurturing long-term, meaningful relationships.

You’re exposed to new people daily at work, at the gym or even at the supermarket.
Despite this, less than one in ten interactions end up flourishing into a friendship.

Maybe you can relate to this…

  • Meeting someone at a party, exchanging numbers and never hanging out?

  • Having a conversation at the supermarket and never seeing them again?

  • Interacting with your colleagues only at work and never spending time together outside?

  • Going on a date and not staying in touch even though you could have been good friends?

  • Going to a gym or a dance class and never making any friends?

Imagine that instead of that above, you were able to manoeuvre each new interaction in a way that would plant the seed for a blooming friendship or relationship.

Imagine having a deeper understanding of other people’s emotions and using it to help create deeper bonds.

Most of all, imagine the wonderful feeling and satisfaction after spending your weekend surrounded by people you feel connected to, laughing, talking and just having fun.

Some people are notorious for being able to plant those seeds. Their social lives are rich gardens filled with the most interesting and beautiful flowers and plants.

So, what’s their secret?

My research showed me that emotional intelligence is the water to your garden. It’s the key to building deeper connections.

Intrigued by this I dug deeper to discover if emotional intelligence could be learned or is it something that we’re born with.

What I found was that (apart from people that qualify as sociopaths or psychopaths, sorry…)

YES, anyone can develop emotional intelligence
YES, anyone can build and nurture fulfilling relationships
YES, anyone can be surrounded by wonderful people and enjoy healthy relationships

What would that look like?

It looks like having an interesting life, enriched by interesting people
It looks like being confident and experiencing less stress
It looks like resolving conflicts and misunderstandings faster and with empathy
It looks like having a supportive and engaged network that brings opportunities, collaborations, inspiration and fun

Like the sound of that?

Start reading today and implement my ‘15 Steps to Emotional Intelligence’ method to experience a total transformation.


  • Page 13

Think Emotional Intelligence Isn’t Important? WRONG! Think again

  • Page 25

Step by Step Method to Better Emotional Intelligence

  • Page 40

99% of People Don’t Know This; Broken Emotional Patterns

  • Page 63

A Love Language You Had No Idea About!

& so much more!


Instantly Download My Book
& enjoy your new life.

Thanks for reading,
Ian Tuhovsky

P.S.: I forgot to mention that you’ll also learn how to become calmer and more confident by mastering your own emotions.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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