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Garifuna Food Cookbook
by Gregory Arana

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I am Garifuna. I pay tribute to all our Garifuna grandmothers.
They are the original indigenous authors of this cookbook. Seremein. Thank you.

This ethnic food cookbook contains African food recipes and Native American dishes.
Ereba is a gluten-free bread from our Arawak Taino history.
Casabe (casabe de yuca) is the identical twin cassava bread found in Venezuela, Guyana, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Hudut is our premier cultural dish featured on this book's cover.
Hudut is made by beating boiled plantains and eating in a flavorful coconut milk fish stew. (lasus falumou)
Hudutumay also be prepared by beating boiled yam, cassava, or roasted breadfruit.

Fufu is a Nigerian cousin of hudut found in West African cookbooks.
Fufu is made by beating boiled cassava and yam in a wooden mortar (hana in Garifuna language)
Fufu is traditionally dipped in stew and eaten with bare hands. This practice represents a direct Ghana to Garifuna cultural connection.
Traditional Garifuna food is farm to table. Most recipes include freshly harvested coconut milk, plantains, banana, yam, cassava and breadfruit.
Savory seafood caught in our Caribbean Sea lends to an explosion of flavor in Garifuna dishes.
Thyme, oregano, sage, cilantro, and ginger are grown in our family gardens and used as fresh seasoning. They are also used to brew healthy organic teas and porridges (Sahou).
Our Garifuna people have long practiced African and Native American herbalism at home.

Would you like to try some BBQ jackfruit tacos in a cassava bread wrap? It tastes like pulled pork.
This jackfruit recipe is included in a chapter of vegetarian gluten free recipes as a gift for my readers.

Thank you for buying this Caribbean food cookbook.
Look inside and let's get cooking.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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