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Four Puppet Kings and a Fool
by Seth Hobbs

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A devastating plague; rampant inflation; propaganda for the masses; breakthroughs in innovative technology; rumors of civil war; racial and ethnic tensions; nefarious conspiracies; class struggles and street preachers yearning to overthrow the nobility. The Sendyne Empire is at the height of its power, but it has never been in a more precarious position…and it is about to reach a boiling point.

General Rotilla Voxinus and the teenage Emperor Kwisus continue their relentless campaign to destroy Bovir of the Woodlands, and lock down their colony in the Three Rivers. Amidst the mayhem, bold pirate fleets, lusty vixens, and rogue city-states assert their own power in the East. The crafty and beautiful Abzrielle must navigate her own path among deadly buccaneers and repulsive men in a foreign land. Xeno Von Oceanskimmer must return to the distant continent of An’Fazzor, to negotiate with a father and culture that he abandoned years ago.

Jethias Voxinus, son of the famous general, lands a dream job at Godhead Mountain, working for the eccentric technological genius, Udo the Originator. Duke Stolis Panthorrien of Bottom Knuckle works around the clock to prepare for a possible Sendyne incursion of his own lands, guided by the mysterious philosopher known only as Great Grandfather.

Delve deeper into the series in this sprawling epic, where nothing is quite what it seems– as religion, science, dark secrets, mythology, lust, love, political intrigue, exotic realms, and brutal warfare explode in style! In this highly-anticipated sequel to “A Sword of the Three Rivers”, worlds will collide, veils will be lifted, blood will flow in the streets, and the Sendyne Empire’s inner workings will finally be laid bare.

What readers are saying about Book 1 in the series:

“A well written Fantasy novel with an action line that races like a runaway train!”

“Hobbs has a way of transporting the readers into the adventure. This “epic journey” throws the readers into a fast paced fantasy that keeps hearts racing for the next twist and turn!”

“Hobbs’s imaginative, sweeping, humorous style easily drew me into the adventure, even when I found the prose at times somewhat windy. Readers who look for an escape into a richly adorned, rousing fantasy world will certainly not be disappointed.”

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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