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Finding Yourself
by Janet Martin

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Seven steps to unlock the person you already are and guide you to becoming the person you want to be.

Do you constantly compare yourself to “happy, beautiful, achievers” wondering why you never seem up to par? Have you spent so long pleasing others that you don’t know who you truly are?

Finally, it’s time to be happy and comfortable in your own skin and shed the burden of living up to unrealistic ideals. It’s time to figure out what makes you tick and fulfil your dreams.

The solution is in the pages of Finding Yourself.

You’ll learn how to:

  • enjoy the journey of life and face it with a positive attitude, no matter where the road leads you

  • identify your stress triggers and learn how to combat them

  • work through hurdles that deter you from your goals and manage your reactions to them

  • identify your purpose in order to find fulfillment and joy in what you do;

  • accept yourself and work through insecurities

  • find your place in the world

  • begin the process of growth and self-development through the power of research proven journaling techniques

We live in a world that has been hit by a global pandemic, is wired by technology and distractions, and is ever evolving. We’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the game while adapting to our surroundings. It can leave us in a state of constant overwhelm and emotional fatigue….

Finding Yourself offers you seven steps towards becoming your most authentic self. Packed with uplifting tips, nuggets of wisdom, personal experiences, reflections, and results focused exercises.

Dive into the pages of this book, where author Janet Martin candidly but thoughtfully shares her learnings and insights with you on getting past some of the more common hurdles we face as we try to live a meaningful life.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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