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Science Fiction
by A.W. Davidson

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Creation begins with destruction.

SERIES OF THE YEAR • "Mind-blowing is an understatement. Feels like reading a movie!"— SETH COMIRE, I♥SCI-FI PODCAST

Climate Dawn Project is a time-twisting trilogy about a doomed civilization. But the Climate Council has a plan... and hides an ancient secret. Can they rewrite the past in time to save their future?

In Cycle 2296, climate refugee protests turn violent. Councilors know the Dawn Project’s terraforming phase must begin soon. As the artificial volcanic eruption looms, they call on their savior, biologist Kaia Badra, to inspire her civilization on the brink to begin its exodus to the heavens.

Will it be an audacious act of creation, or end in apocalyptic destruction?

Ripped from the headlines, Eruption, the first book in the Climate Dawn Project trilogy, wraps a gripping science fiction saga around one extreme climate mitigation plan from today’s cutting-edge research

The complete trilogy is also available as Relics of Dawn — all three books in one!

“A powerfully written story that has a relevance to our society and our world that cannot be overlooked. It's a thought-provoking and fascinating story that captivates the reader on the first page and doesn't let go.”
—NJ Book Review

“I got chills because it's so relevant! Well written, and I am jealous that I didn't write it.”
—Amazon Review

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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