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Empire: Country
by Tim Goff

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The conquest of demon ridden Traag almost destroyed the Solarian Empire. Now, the Empire is slowly being rebuilt - but the demons are still out there.

Tia Samos came to Cosslet Barony hunting for an aristocrat willing to marry a wealthy commoner. She finds an impoverished populace terrorized by a deadly beast. Her maybe swain, Baron Ian Cortez is good looking and has a great personality - but he also comes with a giant pile of bills. Is he the one?

Sir Peter Cortez is Ian's bastard brother, a hard man tired of shedding blood on distant battlefields. Bringing Tia to Ian and dispatching the pesky monster is sure to win him a place - right?

Tia's oafish carriage driver Kyle is a veteran with a knack for magic and a headful of nightmares. He wants to settle down and forget the horror - and Cosslet just might be that new home.

Together, they find secrets, opportunities, and sheer terror.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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