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Dying Takes It Out of You
by S. S. Bazinet

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Dory knows he’s going to die, but that doesn’t mean he’ll go without a fight!
DYING TAKES IT OUT OF YOU is the story of two brothers trying to survive during a deadly pandemic. Dory, a successful artist, is an introverted, tortured soul who’s trying to escape an abusive childhood. His brother, Milton, a doctor and researcher, is a humanitarian who’s trying to find a cure for the virus that’s consuming the world’s population.

When Dory is infected with the lethal virus, they come together to not only fight the disease, but to also heal what’s broken in their relationship. As Dory faces a daily battle with death, he also examines a childhood filled with lies, abuse and a father’s hatred. Delving deeper into his fears, he discovers secrets that could restore his faith in himself and also help him to find the peace he longs for. But will any of it matter if he isn’t strong enough to hang on to life?


“Beautiful, heart grabbing book!”

“Buckle Your Seat Belt!!! What a thrill of a ride!”

“The characters and their emotions ring true for me. I loved it!”

“Such a different premise for a story.”

“From the first sentence, I was hooked . . . .”

“Explores the depths a loved one will take to keep them alive.”

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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