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Deeper, Longer, Better... A Simple Guide to Great Sleep
by Mark Wilson

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With a grounding in sleep biology and scientifically proven sleep techniques, Deeper, Longer, Better… will help you achieve healthy sleep and leave you feeling healthier, happier and more energised.

Internet ‘life hacks’ and 10-minute videos aren’t going to cut it for improving your sleep long-term. To fix your sleep problems, you need to understand what happens to your body when you’re awake and asleep. When you know the true reason why you aren’t sleeping well, it becomes easy to fix.

Let’s be honest. Sleeping pills and our current state of healthcare aren’t helping our sleep. 8.2% of Americans will have taken a sleeping pill to help them sleep at least four times in the last week! From his experience, Mark knows this isn’t going to change without educating people on how to sleep better.

Deeper, Longer, Better… is a humorous education on sleep biology and scientifically-backed strategies that will empower you to design your own sleep interventions to fit your needs. Mark will help you learn the right intervention for the right time, be it for short-term sleep loss, jet lag, insomnia and much more. Deeper, Longer, Better… can help you:

  • Understand the basic biology of sleep and what impacts our sleep duration and quality (light, food, exercise and more)

  • Learn why late-night TV is keeping you awake.

  • Adjust your sleep schedule when traveling for work or pleasure, beating jet lag.

  • Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

  • Learn why sleeping pills are misused and overused.

  • Learn the signs of sleep apnea, a silent killer.

  • Understand why early morning sunlight is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

  • Destress at night through mindful breathing, sleep meditation and journaling.

Mark Wilson is a community and clinical pharmacist with over 10 years of experience. An avid fitness enthusiast, he is passionate about self-improvement and human optimization. He has helped countless people improve their sleep and ditch the pills. And now, all that information is available in this easy-to-read guide on catching more ZZZs.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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