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Deal With Toxic Family Members
by Lucca Zeni

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Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted and frustrated when gathering with certain family members?

Often, we may encounter unpleasant relatives who drain our energy by bringing negativity and sabotage to our moments of joy, plans, or life perspective. But there is always a reason behind their attitudes, which we will dig into here. Plus, you will understand how these relatives affect your life.

As you go through this book, you will be able to wisely bring closure, not to those toxic relationships but to your frustration, and give yourself the space to love those family members from a fair distance, without disrespect or harmful conflicts.

The purpose of this book is not to create more wounds but to heal and close the open ones.

Also, you will learn how to create greater confidence, self-love, empathy, and resilience in a fundamental process to change your days for the better:

  • Understand the six main reasons why people choose to stay in a toxic and abusive relationship.

  • Find the principal causes of conscious and unconscious self-destruction triggered by toxic family members.

  • 28 Examples to help you discover how to recognize toxic behaviors, and what exactly is a toxic person.

  • Enhance your life perspective about how is your family relationship with the 5 Weeks Method Exercise.

  • Discover what to do if you can’t avoid their presence, and maintain your peace and confidence.

  • Discover how to mindfully deal with it when you desperately need to cut off ties.

  • Family Gatherings: How to attend to them in peace of mind without getting emotionally drained or frustrated.

  • Discover why you tend to repeat your family habits and patterns, even when you don’t want it for your life.

  • The secrets for an accurate healing process.

Be sure this book will help you, even if you have a sensation that you can’t change your situation because you feel powerless and drained.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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