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Deadly Kalimantan
by Charles Glenn

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Ever since the love of Steve Hartshorn’s life was murdered, nothing has seemed right in the world. What he needs is a change of pace, so Steve spends a bit of his fortune on a head-clearing trip to Indonesia. Convinced he’s cursed and that’s why his friends and lovers keep ending up dead, Steve decides never to return home. If one is going to run away from their life, is there a better place to run to than Bali?

Steve loves the country, the food, the sights, and meets a host of eclectic people. Unfortunately, his path also crosses with Swandira’s, a local crime boss and professional ransomer. Old lovers and new friends are caught up in a brutal kidnapping ring, and it will take all of Steve’s wits to make it to the other side of his vacation alive.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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