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Create Good Habits
by B.M. Lyons

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Do you want more structure in your life? Do you want to gain more discipline to become healthier, happier, and more successful?

If so, Create Good Habits is the right book for you!
Did you know the things that hold us back usually have nothing to do with the lack of skill or talent? Did you know the main difference between those who are stuck in life and those who create their success lies in small daily habits and actions? That’s right!

This book will show you how to let your best personality traits, talents, and skills shine through by simply becoming more efficient, disciplined and purposeful in your actions and use of time.
Research shows that a lack of time management skills, self-responsibility, and accountability often harms both our careers and personal lives. How? The answer lies in your mindset. When you start looking inwards and only focus on what's within your control, rather than feeling down about circumstances beyond your control, your life begins to change.

This book will teach you how to create the good habits necessary to produce success, improve your health, and help form healthy relationships. It will help you understand what’s holding you back, so that you may reclaim power and control of your time, energy, health, and financial growth.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify “what’s wrong” about how you manage your life

  • Map out “where you are now,” versus “where you want to be”

  • Evaluate both personal strengths (personality traits, talents, and skills) and distractions

  • Plan to overcome obstacles and remove distractions, in order to allow the best of you to shine through

  • Defeat obstacles with self-discipline and willpower

  • Start aligning daily routines and actions with your end goal

  • Plan realistically and conquer your goals one at a time

  • Sacrifice and invest in goals in a healthy way that maximizes the use of your natural talents, skills, and abilities

  • Start building and applying healthy routines to introduce order and structure into your daily life

  • Take action now by wielding your strengths and defeating obstacles with proper planning

  • Control unconscious waste of time and unproductive activities by replacing them with the ones that align with your goals

  • Allow only beneficial influences into your life by learning how to control your environment

  • And much, much more!

This book will teach you how to set up routines, eliminate activities that slow down your progress, and maximize activities that lead to growth and progress. This simple, comprehensive guidebook will show you how to live more intentionally and purposefully from the moment you open your eyes. It will help eliminate distractions like social media and digital content consumption that offers an illusion of fulfillment and replace them with true growth-boosting activities like learning, healthy and creative hobbies, and thoughtful life management.

This short, helpful guidebook will make your evening routine or morning coffee a time well-spent on learning and self-improvement!

Free tip: You’re one step closer to your goals if you read this book instead of watching Netflix! Hurry up and start reading!

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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