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Communicate About Sex (without making it awkward)
by Nic Saluppo

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Are you wanting more connected, fulfilling sex and intimacy with your partner but always end up back in the same stagnant routine? Do you and your partner openly and nonjudgmentally talk about your sexual desires and challenges, or is it just too difficult to talk about these areas?

Partners often avoid communicating about their sex lives. Even when it comes to the person with whom you’re most intimate, the topic can be intimidating to bring up. As a result, discussion about sexual intimacy gets put to the side and you talk about your day-to-day lives, like who’s picking up which child, who’s preparing what to eat, and who will be home at what time. Hardly the satisfying connection you’ve been wanting.

If you’d try something new or communicated about your sexual challenges, it could create an enormously positive shift in your partnership. So why don’t you just talk about it? Probably because the message you picked up from society is that a satisfying sexual relationship will just happen automatically when it’s the right person. It’s what Hollywood, porn, and novels portray, but it’s not how it really works.

Fulfilling intimacy with your partner requires communication, and there are ways to communicate about sex without making it so . . . awkward. Discover the difference effective communication about sexuality can make in your partnership…

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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