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Cancer Self-Defense 101
by Josh Fulton

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Are you aware that the US is not the leader in cancer survival rates?

Are you aware that the Standard of Care for cancer treatment varies from country to country?

In Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive, Josh Fulton takes you on a trip around the world to find the evidence-based treatments that work best to inhibit cancer.

In China, medicinal mushrooms are routinely added into cancer treatment, producing impressive survival benefits with minimal to no side effects.

In Germany, mistletoe extract is routinely prescribed to prevent treatment-related side effects in all cancer types.

In Turkey, a clinic has combined heat with other natural and conventional treatments to produce survival rates 20 times higher than the norm in pancreatic cancer.

Supported by over 2,000 scientific references with an emphasis on human trials, Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive informs you of jaw-dropping fact after jaw-dropping fact.

Therapies discussed include:

* Intravenous Vitamin C

* Supplements

* Hyperthermia

* Exercise

* Nutrition

* Repurposed Drugs

And more.

Included is a 17-page summary, a compilation of every actionable step profiled in the book.

You can be more than just a bystander in the fight against cancer.

You can be informed!

About the author: Joshua Fulton, an entrepreneur by trade, had a firsthand battle with cancer when his wife was diagnosed with stage III melanoma in 2013. Throughout his journey, Josh has seen dozens of people improve their conditions with a combination of conventional and natural therapies.

deal prices can change - please check before buying

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